Goodbye to Lasik induced Dry Eye: At my hospital, we have introduced a new technique for safe lasik with no dryness at all. It is a technique which employs all the safety of ASA (advanced surface ablation) and the full comfort of LASIK.
I call it the ULTRA-LASIK.

It employs a variation of the ASA where I am able to retain the epithelial cover of the cornea and spare the cornea any deep lasers thus doing no harm to the corneal nerves. It is the damage to the corneal nerves that causes most of the dryness.
The major advantages in this Ultra-Lasik procedure is the absence of any chance for Corneal Ectasia, Dryness or DLK.

The other advantage is that it can be re-treated safely (in case there is a return of the power). With present lasik, that is very questionable.  Sorry to trouble you with all these boring details, but this is a significant advancement and I just had to blow my trumpet

Eyes reveal a lot about you.

A simple eye exam by an expert eye doctor can reveal a lot about what diseases people suffer even before they themselves know it. These are some of them:
- Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol (Dyslipidemia)
- Arthritis
- Allergies
- Toxicity to medications
- Thyroid Disease
- Kidney Disease, liver Disease
- Heart Diseases
- Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack
- Syndromes th

at affect intelligence, growth, etc
- Brain Tumors
- Various Cancers
- Immune Diseases
& many more.

Eye Camps: An Accounting Fraud or Scam?

Please read my blog on The Business of Eye Camps – an Introduction prior to reading this.

Why do I say that Eye Camps are a serious fraud or Scam? These are the facts:

There is no free lunch!. If an eye hospital has to conduct a free surgery for a patient, someone or something has to pay for the materials used during the surgery.

That is common sense and plain Logic.

A patient operated free of cost at an eye camp conducted by an eye hospital is subsidized by one of the following methods:

  1. Internal finance from the hospital”s allotted funds for charity purpose
  2. External finance from donors
  3. Service Organisations whether social, cultural, religious or political
  4. Sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies
  5. Government programs
  6. International programs
  7. Money collected from surgeons who wish to be trained (national / foreign)
Lets take a fictional patient called Robin Hood who needs free cataract surgery and see how we can arrange finance for the free eye surgery of this patient and make a huge profit.
Yes! There is a lot of money to be made from “free” service.
  1. Robin Hood is charged Rs. 500 ($10) for the lens to be placed in the eye after cataract surgery.
  2. The government gives a fixed amount of Rs. 700 ($14) towards the expenses of the cataract surgery as part of a Blindness Control Program. In the records submitted to the Government, our patient is entered as Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, Faraway Kingdom.
  3. The same patient is now recorded as R. Hood, Sherwood and an amount of Rs. 1500 ($30) collected from a service organisation that supports free sight saving programs.
  4. The patient is again recorded as Robin. H, Faraway Kingdom and an amount of Rs. 500 ($10) is collected from an international health organisation for collaborating to prevent blindness.
Now, we see that a “free” eye surgery has netted the hospital a net gain of Rs. 3200 ($64).
The story does not stop there.
If Robin Hood was operated by a trainee surgeon who had enrolled at he hospital to learn surgery, the trainee would have been charged an amount of Rs. 500 ($10) per case.
If Robin Hood was operated by an foreign / international trainee student (never mind the illegality and ethics), the trainee would have been charged Rs. 5000 ($100) per case.
Now we can see the mind boggling amount of Rs. 3700 ($74) and/ or Rs. 8200 ($164) gained from doing a “free” surgical service.
The actual cost for a “free” cataract surgery according to published reports is below Rs. 1000 ($20) mainly on account of the sub-optimal lenses, materials and medicines used; also in part due to the re-use of operating items and the avoidance of standard blood / health tests.
But, that is the substance of another story.
In conclusion, what is this “free” service?
Is it a for-profit “free” service?
Is it an accounting fraud?
Is it a scam?
You decide.